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Eco Gift Ideas for this Christmas

Eco Gift Ideas for this Christmas

Well here we are, believe it or not!  Time to start getting organised to buy presents for everyone...

With all of the over-indulgence we tend to have during the festive season, perhaps it is time to up the gift-giving to make Christmas a more environmentally friendly event.

If you are really stuck, and you want a great value present you could consider buying a friend one of our online courses where we courier a gift pack directly to them as part of it.  Because the pack is worth almost two and a half times more than what you pay to do the course, it makes a fantastic gift! Education, and goodies to implement change right away

In this blog post we will give you a bit of a run down on some cool ideas for your loved ones... Don't worry, we have another blog coming your way on totally waste free giving in the next couple of weeks too!

Gifts For Dad

Here are a few eco-friendly and practical gift ideas this Christmas for Him.

A reusable Stainless Razor is the perfect eco-friendly, luxurious gift for him. Being plastic free and reusable, while also looking amazing, makes the ideal present. And Believe me it does a great job of shaving and will take him back to the good old days!

You could up the ante and pair it with a bar of shaving soap which is made with simple, natural ingredients, it is the perfect zero waste compliment to the razor. What dad wouldn't want that!

If you are anything like me I like to give a gift basket to my dad for Christmas so he gets a bunch of useful stuff for the year.  This year I am going to kit him out with a Caliwoods Eco Gift Box For Him which contains all the essentials for the perfect present, while also being pre-packaged for you. Containing the classic razor, shaving soap, keep cup, linen razor bag and a huge jar of peanut butter, your dad is guaranteed to feel spoiled. 

Coming into summer, why not gift your dad a new look with a super cool fresh pair of sunglasses! Nil’s wooden sunglasses are fantastic.  The perfect eco summer gift for any man (or woman) in your life!

So just to make it super simple here are a few links we found:

Gifts For Mum

Spoil your mum this Christmas with these waste free gift ideas she will love! 

I recently found these cool bamboo earrings which come in loads of different colours and shapes... so you can add some eco style to your mums wardrobe this Christmas.

Or if mum needs a bit of a break after this crazy year perhaps it is time to pamper your mum with some skincare and haircare. Ecostore and Earthwise are great brands which have many eco-friendly options to make the perfect gift for your mum.  A fun idea could be to buy a few different products, such as a hand cream, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner, to name a few, and make up a little gift package for your mum. A beautiful and thoughtful gift. 

Reusable make up wipes and Ethique's solid bar range make awesome gifts and are another cool modern product that are becoming the new norm.

Awwa reusable period underwear is another great gift idea for your sister or your mum... or even yourself.  Why not revolutionise lives with these awesome period undies that will literally change the woman in your life's world... on a side note they can work well for incontinence (the old sneeze wees as well) but you don't need to tell her that is why you got her them (wink wink)

So just to make it super simple here are a few links we found:

Kitchen/Home gifts 

Here are a few waste free gift ideas for the kitchen and around the home.

I love making up family gift baskets that has a bit of something in it for everyone.

A product I have been using of late (especially with teenage boys in the house) is  Earthwise air freshener. I love their fragrances... With lavender and frangipani fragrances, your home will smell amazing without any nasty chemicals. 

Or why not gift someone you love some fun, yet eco-friendly dishcloths. These could be part of a basket or make a great value present for under $10. I have been using the The Green Collective SPRUCE cloths for a few years now and love their funky style. They come in many colours and designs to bring some life to your kitchen. They can be machine washed over and over again, and better yet, can be thrown in the compost when they get old! 

If you are looking for another functional practical gift idea, the oversized Nil tea towels are awesome. There were a few funky designs to choose from when I was looking at them and by the way they are also 100% Fair Trade Organic.

Beeswax wraps are another great gift idea. There are loads of brands available and the neat thing about them is that they are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap, and help keep food fresher for longer. With many colours and designs, beeswax wraps are a great gift to suit anyone, even the kids!

So just to make it super simple here are a few links we found:

Bathroom/Laundry gifts 

You can't go wrong with gifts for the bathroom/laundry. Practical, yet beautiful gifts are always a success, so why not put together a few little items to create the perfect eco-friendly bathroom/laundry gift pack!

If you are buying for a family perhaps putting together a family hamper might be fun. There are a few brands around these days that are doing laundry / dish wash soaps, perhaps add a bamboo soap dish, and some stainless steel pegs and if they have kids perhaps add some bamboo toothbrushes and toothpaste tablets are also a fun gift. The ideal gift pack that is environmentally and family friendly.

Another little gift idea perfect for those especially with young kids who need to clean up after them, without using any nasty chemicals, is eco-friendly cleaning products. 

EcoTurtles is a unique brand, where they use reusable bottles and specific cleaning tablets to suit what cleaning needs you have. Once you've finished your bottle it's easy, all you have to do is refill it with water, and pop in a new cleaning tablet! They have an ‘Eco Turtles starter pack’ which comes with five of their bottles, and five cleaning tablets.  A great cost effective present for the cleaners in your life.

So just to make it super simple here are a few links we found:

Gifts for the Kids

Looking for gifts that the kids will love, but are also environmentally friendly? Then here are some fun gift ideas that the kids and the planet will enjoy. 

Every kid needs a fun lunchbox, and there are so many cool ones to choose from these days! 

You could also pair the lunchbox with a cool reusable drink bottle.  I am really into stainless ones at the moment!

A gift that the young kids are sure to love is a bubble bath. Definitely a fun little gift to add to the Santa sack!  Lots of brands do yummy eco friendly bubble baths.

Or want to have a project to do with the kids over the holidays?  Grab a DIY kit to make your own beeswax wraps from Honey Wrap or Dees Bees

So just to make it super simple here are a few links we found:

Out and About gift ideas 


When it comes to looking for the perfect little gift for our friends and family, something that suits everyone is eco-friendly options for when we are out and about. Whether it's going out for coffee, or grabbing a few groceries, there are always ways to be more environmentally focussed or encourage our friends to take the first step.  

Reusable coffee cups are ideal for on-the-go. The Nil coffee cup is simple yet cool. Can be used for both hot and cold, this is the ideal gift for almost anyone! 

Or get your office into the cool programs that are running with Ideal Cup and Again Again containers by getting them started on reusable coffee cups.  And add the gift that makes it easier in the office...a reusable cup carrier.

Another great on the go gift idea is the Nil cutlery travel set, which includes 1x knife, 1x fork, 1x spoon, 1x straw and 1x metal brush.

The Caliwoods spork is also a firm favourite too. This is a great secret Santa gift for Under $20 as well.

When you’re out and about, it is a good idea to have reusable bags on hand to reduce the use of plastic and other materials harmful to the environment. One product that makes a fantastic gift is the Pouch Products bags.  I especially love giving the family their reusable produce bags.  A simple affordable gift that makes a difference.  

So to wrap it up there are loads of options for good gift being this year.  In our next blog post we will unveil some cool ideas for zero waste gifting... but for those of us who love a present hopefully this gives you a few ideas.

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