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We're working with councils to change business culture towards waste

Out with the myths... in with the facts
Business and Industry Focused Workshops
Working with businesses in think tank groups has given us an incredibly interesting insight into many myths and cultures that are present in many industries. 

Our business workshops are focused on changing the culture of waste in business and industries and generally have a further reach into the community than traditional public events. The program also has an impact on general households waste behaviour through the education of the staff. These workshops are designed to create a heightened understanding on the country’s waste problems, debunk waste myths (like all recycling goes to landfill for example) , and what businesses can focus on to reduce their impact in this space. 

We have facilitated these workshops with a focus on a variety of industries and businesses. These programs haveincluded the hospitality industry, manufacturing industry, and we've worked with organisations such as Fonterra and Land Information NZ as part of their Plastic Free July challenge. We develop and design the programme to suit council’s milestones and messaging for the target industry they are wanting to reach and the issues they are wanting to address. 

Once the content or target group is set, we then issue an expression of interest out to the market, to gather applications for attendance of this workshop from businesses. The opportunity that this particular style of workshop provides is not simply working with a singular business but creating a network through connecting businesses from the same industry together. 

Through providing education and facilitating discussion with the group this can make the businesses  feel like they are not alone in their journey to reduce waste, and they can become part of a group who can support each other in the future. 

Often businesses are unconnected or scared to share information with each other because of competition but ultimately they are all facing the same issues. This workshop helps break down the barriers and get an open conversation going.

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Contact Kate and her team if you would like more information about the Business & Industry Focused Workshops supported by local councils.
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