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Our Newest Seminar - The Great Greenwash

Is it true or are you being greenwashed?

Confused about the recycling symbols that can't be recycled?

Are compostable products better for the environment? ... What if I told you the answer is NO??

Suffering with eco-anxiety? Tired of not knowing if the wool is being pulled over your eyes?

It has become quite complex to make the best decisions over the past few years because greenwashing is rife...wherever you look there is messaging designed to greenwash you. We are being encouraged into thinking one brand is better than another purely because they have a leaf on their packaging or because they are buying carbon credits they are carbon zero yet they sell single use products.  Sometimes we are even blatantly told their product can be recycled even though there is not one recycling bin in NZ that you can put it in.

This brand new presentation has been designed to un-pack all of the stuff we are being told, which is resulting in great confusion for everyone. 

Kate is going to debunk the myths and upset the applecart with this session but the outcome is that you will walk away empowered with knowledge and clarity so you no longer get anxious or wonder if you are doing the right thing or not.

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