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Hāwera | Waste-Ed | 6th March 2024


Where: TSB Hub, Camberwell Road | Hāwera
Wednesday 6th March 2024 | Time: 6-8PM
Ticket Price: 
$10 includes a goodie bag valued at $40

When it comes to waste, we are facing some big challenges that we need to start facing head on! You can do nothing, and nothing will change, or you can start by doing one thing that works towards a healthier planet. If you want a place to start your waste minimisation journey or even want to reinforce what you already know, then this seminar is for you! 

Why join us? You will:

  • LEARN about what happens to our waste once it leaves the curbside. 
  • ACQUIRE tips/tricks and life hacks that will help you deal with/manage your waste better.
  • BE CHALLENGED to reduce your waste.
  • UNDERSTAND your new upcoming kerbside bin system

Don't miss out on this opportunity full of witty humor, reality checks, and encouragement that may also challenge your thinking around trash! Secure your spot in this seminar today by buying a ticket. 

What's in the goodie bag? Check out the picture for an example of what you get to take home. Please note, the products in our goodie bags are subject to change as we work with a heap of different companies to fill them.