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Birth to Potty Nappies - What does that mean?

Birth to Potty Nappies - What does that mean?

Available in most styles - Pocket, All in two, Fitted and All in One. B2P is a term used to refer to Birth to Potty nappies. You may also know of the term OSFA which means "One Size Fits All" or more often nowadays they are referred to as OSFM which means ‘One size fits most’.

The obvious advantage of birth-to-potty sized nappies is that parent’s only need to buy one set of nappies. There is no doubt that this makes them extremely convenient.

However, when using a birth-to-potty size nappy on a newborn, in the early days, the nappy may look out of proportion. Because it is made to fit a newborn and a toddler, you may also go through stages where the nappy does not always fit perfectly. But babies grow so fast, they will grow into the nappy quite quickly.

Most birth to toddler nappies will be fastened with either a Aplix or poppers.

The nappies may only last for one child simply because they will be washed twice as many times as a sized nappy system. It is most likely that you will need to invest in some new nappies if you have another baby.

However, the overall investment for two children in a birth to potty system will be around the same price as if you invested in a few different sizes.


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