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About Us

About Kate Fenwick

Kate Fenwick has been called many things, The Nappy Lady,  NZ's own waste free warrior, a should be stand up comedian and currently goes by the name Kate....who is know to be a very humorous and motivating speaker. 

Kate is a highly experienced public speaker having been touring the country talking about rubbish for over 17 years now. 

In the early days as a new mum she was a massive advocate of modern cloth nappies and was integral to Modern cloth Nappies becoming mainstream again. For a number of years, Kate has developed and delivered Cloth Nappy and Parenting classes promoting waste free parenting options.

Kate has also spent the last 7 years educating the public on minimising food waste through her "Food Lovers Masterclass" and is also now a regular on Eat Well For less as their resident Waste Expert and discusses topics including waste management at home and Food Waste Minimisation.  

With her NEW "Wasted" - With Kate event, Kate has started becoming more un PC and is calling out the green wash and de-bunking the myths that circle around the place.  All recycling does not go to Landfill - Toothpaste tubes cannot go in your recycling bin and dead cats can't be load more handy tips!!

But wait..theres more - Kate is a popular conference Key Note Speaker - she will make your audience laugh and cry all in one session and also has numerous options for corporate groups. 

In all of her courses she draws from her own experiences as a typical modern day consumer sharing her stories and insights to create a greater awareness of the choices we are making.

If we all do nothing because it seems like we are not making a difference, nothing will ever change and we have to question what legacy will we leave our future generations.

If you want to get in touch with Kate to talk about opportunities for your organisation please email her: 

If every one did just one small thing for our environment every single day, we will start to make a difference that will count.
Kate Fenwick

MEET Our team


Marketing and Office Manager
Brody has been a part of the team for over 8 years now, and has taken on a wide variety of roles over the years.

Brody works with Councils and other clients to organise and manage the workshops, manages our online events platforms, promotes the events, plus he deals with any ticketing enquiries and questions - amongst other things!

On top of this, Brody is stepping into the presenting field running different sessions at schools, as well as helping at the business sessions.

Brody is also from the Bay of Plenty, and studied locally to gain a Management degree, majoring in marketing.

Outside of a passion for sustainability and behaviour change, he enjoys sports (particularly cricket and basketball), playing guitar, and op-shop hunting.  


Programme Coordinator
Acacia is our newest team member, who works closely with council to roll out the Waste Free Period Programme in schools.

She also works in the background on social media and reporting for the business.

Acacia is another Bay of Plenty local who has recently graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Integrated Human Health.  

From a background in Community-Led Development, Acacia has worked within the food rescue sector which gave her a first-hand perspective on food and organic waste, and the environmental implications it can have.

When Acacia is away from the office, you will find her on the netball court playing for her local club amongst other things. 

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