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Cloth Nappies Parenting and More

Cloth Nappies, Parenting Tips and More:

Our Children deserve to inherit a liveable planet…. So what are we going to do about it?

Did you know…. there is a whole lot of ‘stuff’ you don’t need when having a baby?  Buying everything in the shop just in case you need it for your new baby is not only expensive but unnecessary…Kate will guide you on how to avoid spending your money on stuff you simply don’t need.

Did you know… A baby goes through around 5,500 nappy changes in their first 2 and a half years, but that doesn’t mean you have to send 5,500 nappies to landfill!  The cost is horrendous for parents moving to single household incomes..learn how just using a few cloth nappies can save you a fortune!

This is one of Kate's longest running workshops and is a great session to attend if you want to know more about cloth nappies, how your decisions now will impact your childrens future and what we can do about it!

This course is designed for expecting parents or those with a newborn in the home, you’ll be inspired, educated, and entertained. 

Plus, you’ll receive a starter pack of modern reusable nappies and more, that when paired with what you’ll learn will help you get started right away!

I Went to a waste free parenting workshop and it's honestly changed my life! I loved how Kate made everything seem so easy and made us all have a good laugh. I have now started using cloth nappies and wish I had sooner! thanks Kate for the motivation to make a difference
Emily Eason
Such inspirational and inspiring evening. Thank you for all you hard work and ongoing research. We leave a legacy for future generations and I now feel more informed and ready to make a difference, and to be proud to say I am doing and did my bit to help in this time of drastic need for change.
Sonya Cash
Cloth Nappies save a fortune

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