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Rochelles Passion Projects: DIY Reusable Dishcloths

Rochelles Passion Projects: DIY Reusable Dishcloths

Hi guys, Rochelle here, back for a quick and easy tip for keeping your waste to a minimum. This time, is my latest upcycling project – I made reusable knitted dishcloths, ready to be used over and over again!

I got the idea about four years ago when a friend knitted me two dishcloths for Christmas. After putting them to the test, we found them better than any other dishcloth we had ever used before, so I set out to learn how to knit them. I found this pattern here – which has been the best method I’ve come across so far. I then created a stash for myself, along with giving them to friends and family.

Here they are – as well as the reusable nature of them, I love all the colours!

After my first batch, I had lots of little bits leftover, and instead of throwing them out I decided to knit 1/4 size ones to be used as facecloths or makeup remover cloths. I personally don’t wear makeup a lot but use them for my toner. The kids have been trialing them for their face wash and so far they love them and I’m so pleased to never have to buy the disposable cotton pads again.

How do we go about washing them? We have a little box in the bathroom with the clean ones in, and after we use them we put them in a lingerie bag in the bathroom – then they just get washed and dried. Super easy!

Here are the face cloths. More colours, more waste diverted!

After 3 years, my beginner knitting skills are showing and any joins I made are falling apart. Because of this, they have gone in the compost and I’m back to scouting all the opportunity shops for cotton yarn and knitting at night while watching tv – I find it very therapeutic and rewarding. My friend taught me to knit in the double thread to make it thicker, it does make it a bit more challenging for a novice like me, but totally worth it.

Thanks for checking in guys, I hope you got something out of this quick run-through, I’ll be back soon for another tip!

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