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Public Education

We are passionate about educating and motivating 
Kiwis to minimise waste

Public Education Programs:

Over the past 14 years we have developed highly-motivational public educational courses on a variety of waste minimisation topics and are currently working in partnership with over 40 councils all over NZ. 

We’d love to work with you on motivating and educating your residents on the extremely important and timely issue of waste minimisation. We have 3 incredibly popular tailored programmes highlighting the different key areas of waste, being; 

Waste Free Parenting 
Waste Free Living 
Foodlovers Masterclass

Run time for each of these in-person sessions is approximately 2 hours. 

When we partner with a council to provide education, it’s much more than “just the workshop”. The ultimate goal is to motivate using a very kiwi approach making it humorous and engaging. We create a connection with our attendees and support their long term journey into reducing waste in their homes including providing ongoing support and further education encouraging them to #Do1Thing to make a change. 

Most of this future education for the attendees is accessed through our massive social media platforms and highly appreciated website content.

Education + Incentives = Behaviour Change 

Our in person workshops provide a connection with attendees as we show them what changes they can realistically make. The incentive packs provide attendees with the instant tools to start changing their behaviour and put into practice what they have learnt.The education and incentives show a highly successful model that is effective in changing a households long term behaviour towards waste minimisation.

We do not sell any products we just educate, but we have a great network that provide us products to include in the incentive packs for councils at a heavily discounted price to make the packs as valuable for council as possible.

This has been a proven model for over 14 years and it works really well to get the attendees activated in your community.

Want to know more? Contact us!

Contact Kate and her team if you would like more information about running our Public In Person Education Programs for your council.
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