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Physical A5 copy of Waste Free With Kate Book


I have written this book to support my workshops and have decided to make it available through my website.  You can have one sent to you or send one to a friend as a gift.  Shipping cost is $3.50 courier or $6.00 For courier to rural addresses.

Let’s start by making clear I’m not perfect....I drive a V8 and I’m a complete petrol head.

However every day I do my best to make better decisions to reduce my impact on the planet.

14 years ago I was the ultimate consumer. Filling the rubbish bin every week and feeling like if I put out a full load I was getting my money’s worth (even jumping up and down on it to fit more in!).

I would buy water in a single use bottle without a thought and fill my trolley every week at the supermarket, take it home unpack it and wonder where all of the food went. Packaging was never something that I thought of. Bagged apples and other fruits and veges, oversized cereal boxes, meat on single use meat trays and the list goes on and on and on....

 Fast track the following fourteen years and my mindset is completely different!