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Container Deposit Schemes

Container Deposit Schemes

I am all for container deposit schemes but what I don’t agree with is the charge going straight to the consumer….

Greens container deposit scheme

When do the companies start taking responsibility for the issues their products are creating?

All of these companies who import or create these products know exactly how many they make and I would like to see some regulations for them having to pay a tariff or a tax on every container they introduce to this country. If they choose to pass the cost on to the consumer through the price we pay for buying their product that is fine but why don’t we start making them take some responsibility.

I think the best situation would be if corporates had to pay $0.20c per container when it was imported or created to the government. We the consumer take it in to the councils to be recycled it and get paid at the time of recycling, then the councils are reimbursed the container charge money back from the government. Otherwise the corporates skip any responsibility once more and the consumer is left paying to clean up their problems.

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