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Waste-Eds Ultimate Guide: Waste Minimisation in the Bathroom

Waste-Eds Ultimate Guide: Waste Minimisation in the Bathroom

If you've ever tackled cleaning out your bathroom cupboards, you might suddenly realise just how many small pieces of plastic and numerous bottles accumulate in there, shoved to the back over time. Making some simple swaps in your bathroom can make a significant difference. In this article, I'll guide you through 12 straightforward changes and actions to reduce waste in your bathroom:

  1. Use what you have – Stop buying new: Do you find yourself accumulating multiple bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and soap? It's time to halt the buying spree and use up what you already have. Don't discard half-empty bottles just for tidiness; store them and work through them before switching to eco-friendly alternatives.

  2. Switch to a Bamboo Toothbrush: Replace plastic with bamboo toothbrushes, which are compostable (remember to remove the non-compostable bristles before composting or burying).

  3. Try Toothpaste Tablets/Powder: These plastic-free, zero-waste alternatives come in recyclable or reusable packaging, unlike traditional toothpaste tubes that often end up in landfills.

  4. Opt for Eco-friendly Dental Floss: Traditional dental floss contributes to landfill waste; consider silk floss in a reusable glass container or switch to a water flosser for a sustainable alternative.

  5. Use Handkerchiefs instead of Tissues: Ditch single-use tissues for reusable cotton handkerchiefs, which are washable and eliminate waste from your laundry.

  6. Swap Single-use makeup pads for Reusable Ones: Replace disposable cotton pads with washable alternatives made from organic cotton or other sustainable materials.

  7. Choose Sustainable Toilet Paper: Look for toilet paper made from 100% recycled materials or tree-free options that come in paper packaging rather than plastic.

  8. Avoid Products with Microbeads: Check personal care products like face creams/cleansers for microbeads (e.g. polyethylene, polypropylene). These beads harm marine life; opt for natural exfoliants instead.

  9. Switch to Reusable Menstrual Products: Consider menstrual cups, reusable cloth pads, or period underwear to reduce waste from single-use pads and tampons.

  10. Use a Safety Razor: Replace disposable razors with a durable safety razor and recycle blades properly to minimize waste.

  11. Use Shaving Brush and Soap: Instead of aerosol shaving foam, use a shaving brush and soap bar to reduce packaging waste.

  12. Go Solid with Shampoo and Conditioner Bars: Choose solid bars for shampoo, conditioner, and soap to eliminate plastic bottles and reduce environmental impact. One of our favourite brands is Beyond Soap

Making even just some of these simple changes can significantly reduce waste in your bathroom while promoting sustainable practices. Each step contributes to a cleaner, greener environment! 

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