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Earthwise - They have supported us for many years

Earthwise - They have supported us for many years

Today, more and more environmentally conscious shoppers are turning to eco-friendly and natural household products to help lessen their environmental impact. However, with ‘greenwashing’ become more of an issue, it can be difficult for consumers to identify and buy genuinely eco-friendly products. Luckily, there are many organisations and foundations that test and endorse environmentally friendly brands and products, making the supermarket shop a whole lot easier.


Nowadays, ‘greenwashing’ is a major concern, with many companies and brands implementing marketing and advertising campaigns to appear environmentally-conscious without actually implementing initiatives to lessen their environmental impact. Because of this, many products on supermarket shelves claim to be “natural”, “sustainable”, “biodegradable”, or “compostable”, when in actual fact, it’s just a money-making scheme.


This includes everything from compostable coffee cups that you can’t put in your home compost, to skincare products that say they have natural ingredients but don’t mention the ten other non-biodegradable chemicals they contain. Not only can this be bad for the consumer – especially in the case of skincare and household cleaning products – but it can be terrible for the environment too.



Luckily for us, there are many kiwi brands that are backed by reputable organisations such as Environmental Choice and the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation that are committed to providing products that are safe for the consumer and the environment. Back in the 1960’s, one kiwi brand started it all, well before the recent trend of the ‘eco-warrior’. Earthwise is still going strong and has expanded their range from cleaning products to personal products suitable for the whole family, maintaining their core value of being “Effective. Naturally”.


From the very humble beginnings of Waikato-man Tom Robinson’s shed, Earthwise has grown to be one of New Zealand’s most trusted brands. Their journey started when Tom began making natural fertilizers for local farmers, and later experimented with household cleaning products. His products became highly sought-after in the community which allowed him to explore making other natural products such as laundry and personal care products, all of which were (and still are) free from the chemicals and allergy-triggers of other supermarket products at the time.



Because Earthwise don’t use harsh chemicals in their products, all of their ingredients are biodegradable, making their products grey-water and septic tank safe. Many of their products also hold the Environmental Choice tick, meaning they’ve passed the rigorous testing of the government-backed organization, and are environmentally preferable. Looking out for this logo while shopping makes the transition to using environmentally-friendly products easy.


Clothes and bedding washed with non-sensitive laundry detergents can result in painful and annoying contact allergies and eczema for many allergy sufferers. So, Earthwise has ensured that many of their laundry products meet the incredibly high standards of the New Zealand Asthma and Respiratory Foundation and hold the Sensitive Choiceâblue butterfly logo. The logo means the products have undergone and passed extensive testing and have been endorsed by the foundation as possibly reducing allergy triggers. The panel at the Asthma Foundation that test the products includes a respiratory specialist, allergist, GP, pharmacist, chemist, engineer, and an asthma sufferer – so they’ve got all the bases covered.


Logos to look for.


Back in 2016, Earthwise launched their Nourish range which includes shampoos and conditioners, body wash, liquid hand wash, and bar soap, all of which are made from natural botanicals and essential oils. Like all of their products, the Nourish range is free of nasty chemicals that can harm your skin and the environment. They also have a range of body washes and shampoos for babies, which contain only the most gentle natural ingredients and are cruelty free.


Some products in the Nourish range.


Earthwise products are available at most major supermarkets such as Pak-n-Save, New World, and Countdown, as well as many smaller retail outlets. You can have a look at their products and find out more about them here.


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