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Ecostore - I sat next to Malcom on a plane one day

Ecostore - I sat next to Malcom on a plane one day

Lessening your environmental impact can seem daunting when you realize the full extent of it, but making little changes here and there will make a huge difference. Brands like ecostore have already done the hard work, now it’s just up to us to change our buying behavior. It’s can be as easy as buying a different laundry detergent!

Malcolm and Melanie Rands founded ecostore in 1993, with a vision to create products that were better for their family, their community and their home. Since then, their business has grown into a well-recognized and loved Kiwi brand. Appalled by New Zealand’s disregard for our clean, green, pure image, the Rands were determined to do all they could to reduce their impact and inspire others to do the same.

While living in a small eco-village in Northland in the early 90’s with their two daughters, Malcolm and Melanie set out to make the water coming out their home as clean as that on their land. They began developing household products that were safe for the environment as well as being gentle on their skin, their children and their home. Ecostore now manufactures a wide range of high-performance products for babies, kids, skin care, body care and home cleaning, all centered on the same values.

Ecostore’s products are cruelty free, child labor free, and genetic engineering free. They’re also carboNZero certified, Enviromark Diamond accredited, and were voted to have the Most Satisfied Customers by Canstar Blue in 2012 and 2013. It’s often hard to find products that boast qualities quite like that – products that are organic and ‘environmentally friendly’ can often still be tested on animals or be manufactured by child laborers or just not work that well. But ecostore shows it’s really not that difficult, all it takes is a little bit of compassion and determination.

ecostore aims to serve the needs of the ‘conscious consumer’ – someone who buys products that help improve the health of the environment and society. There are many ways to reduce your waste and become a conscious consumer, one of the easiest being switching to buying environmentally friendly products for your household. This little change can make a big difference if we all do it.

Much like myself, ecostore believe that small actions can add up to big difference, and their business was founded on the idea that safer products can add up to a healthy home and a better world. With one factory in Auckland, and distribution throughout NZ, Australia, the USA, China, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan, ecostore continually proves that one idea can have a huge impact.


You can learn more about Carbon Capture Pak plastic here:

You can visit ecostore’s website and find out more about them here:

You can look at and buy products on their website, as well as most supermarkets, some health stores, and their retail store in Auckland.


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