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Join my Inner Circle

Join my Inner Circle

Want to Join my Inner Circle?  

We want you......Do you want to be part of our inner circle? Get the low down on what I am up to and plans we are working on? Or just be part of my community of really supportive patrons? 
Join me on Patreon......Patreon is not Facebook or Instagram, it's our my personal community of people who support the work I do! I am only new at this but I want it to be our inner circle of supporters who want to help me educate and support more people.
Check us out here:
We really want to make some big projects happen this year and to do so we need the people that love what we do to help if you can. You can find out more about the projects by joining our community on Patreon. 
Basically, for less than the cost of one coffee per month, you could help us educate more people, create some exciting new mainstream content and continue to keep providing free advice to individuals, and a website with advice and information to help kiwis reduce waste. … 
We are really appreciative of the amazing councils who support us to run our workshops in their communities, but the rest is done by me and my team at our cost. 
What is Patreon? 
Patreon is a platform that allows creators, educators, personalities, and everything in between, the opportunity to provide exclusive content to their supporters in exchange for a small monthly pledge. It's like a private media feed from us, to you! 
Click the link above to check out what's on offer for our Patrons, it's pretty awesome! We have lots of different goals and we share these with our Patrons so they know what we are spending the money on. 
Check us out, we appreciate any help:
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Miranda Thorpe - April 13, 2023

Hi Kate
I have just had my book “Baby in sync: The Emotionally Connected Baby” published by Austin Macauley in UK. Please have a look at it, and at my website to get the gist of it. It’s about the psychological and emotional advantages of using Elimination Communication – and obviously the environmental ones too – as a way to bring back this parenting skill.
Kind regards
Miranda 021 506570

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