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ReDiscover Hub - A new Eco-Centre in Selwyn!

ReDiscover Hub - A new Eco-Centre in Selwyn!

Our workshops take us to some really cool places in NZ and we get to present in some cool venues! This week Kate presented in the Rolleston ReDiscover Hub!

The ReDiscover Hub is a new eco-centre that is helping people to think differently about what we leave behind on the planet! The hub is the first waste minimisation educational facility in the Selwyn District and provides educational programs to school students and community groups on how to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover our waste!

What we love about the ReDiscover Hub is that everything is either second hand, reused or a sustainable choice! Here’s what we love the most:

  1. The structure is was made from two old classroom blocks.
  2. Even the appliances like the heat pumps and projector were reused from schools.
  3. They have a toilet cistern with an integrated hand basin (Acacia wants one for her home bathroom).
  4. The outside handrails are made from old golf clubs, an item that often shows up in transfer stations (Kate knows what she can do with her old clubs now)!

This week we had a Cloth Nappies & more session in the classroom. It was so cool to use the classroom style room because it let the parents/expecting parents get hands on with their nappies and was much easier for Kate to explain all the bits and bobs that come with nappies!

If you ever get the chance to have a look around this facility, you will not be disappointed!

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