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The Cost Of Cloth Vs Disposable

The Cost Of Cloth Vs Disposable


They are just like a disposable but washable

Forget the old pink striped nappies, pins, soaking, hot washing and time consuming folding.

Today cloth nappies look exactly like a disposable but the only difference is that you throw them in the washing machine instead of the rubbish bin.

There is no preparation, no folding and no soaking. The nappy is often one piece and you just pop it on the baby. Our modern washing machines and washing products do all of the work for us so they don’t need soaking or bleaching. Fabric technology has come a long way too so the nappies can perform as well, if not better than a disposable nappy.

In fact you may be very surprised to see that a modern nappies looks like this:

Modern Cloth Nappy
Nowadays you can get a one-piece design for a quick easy cloth nappy change

The modern cloth nappies have an integrated waterproof outer that is soft and supple.

They use either a Velcro fastener (shown on this nappy) or domes. Some of the nappies will fit right from birth to toilet training so parents don’t need to but additional sizes.

They are easy to use and not bulky or uncomfortable

Open Modern Cloth Nappy
On the inside of the nappy are lovely soft absorbent fabrics.

Some nappies even come with a special liner that keeps the baby's skin dry.

The inside of the nappy often pulls out to make drying time minimal.

And as you can see the nappy is ready to put on with no pins or folding required.

Simple, modern and very easy to use.

Nappy Cost Comparisons - per child

This costing below is based on a child in nappies from birth to 2.5 years

Disposable Nappies – Cost per baby

5475 Disposable Nappies @ $0.70c each

- going by Zero Wastes nappy changes of 6 per day

= $ 3832.5
3 wipes per change @ $.04c each = $ 720.00
130 rubbish bags @ $2.25 each (1 per week) = $ 292.50
Basic Cost of Using Disposables: = $ 4845.00
Optional Extras:
Nappy Wrapper = $ 59.00
To wrap up every nappy @ $0.9c each = $ 492.75
Disposable Composting @ 1 bag per week @ $6.91ea = $ 899.00
Cost of using Disposables with extras: = $ 6295.75

Cloth Nappies – Cost per baby


20 Cloth Nappies @ One Size @ $30each = $ 600.00
40 Cloth Wipes @ $1.00 each = $ 40.00
912 washes on cold @ $0.05c load (1 load per day) = $ 45.60
912 washes liquid @ $0.27c per wash (full load) = $ 246.24
912 Washes Wear & Tear on Machine @ $.39c load = $


912 Washes Water cost, waste water @ $.18c load = $ 165.25
Basic Cost of using Cloth Nappies = $ 1452.77
Optional Extras:
912 washes on Hot @ $0.47c per load  = $ 383.04
1400 Disposable Liners @ $0.9c per liner  = $ 126.00
Drier once a week @ $0.63c per load = $ 81.90
Cost of using Cloth with extras: = $ 2043.71
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