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Guest Blog - Hiring Cloth Nappies by NappyMojo

Guest Blog - Hiring Cloth Nappies by NappyMojo

Buying cloth nappies can be daunting and confusing, there isn't one nappy that suits every baby and family and it's a big investment. For this reason, hiring nappies is becoming more and more popular.

Why hire nappies?

Hiring nappies is a fantastic way to have fun using cloth whilst trying many different brands and styles. It gives you the chance to find what works for you and get into a routine before making a commitment.

It's particularly popular to hire Newborn nappies, as these nappies are usually outgrown by 2-3 months, so money can be saved to purchase OSFM (One-Size-Fits Most) nappies that will last from 2-3 months of age until toilet training.

There are also OSFM hire packs for parents of older babies who want to give cloth a go, or parents who are already using cloth nappies, but want to try some new brands.

What do the newborn packs contain?

There are three newborn packs to choose from- Easy-use, variety or basic.
They all contain:
  • 26-32 nappies including nappies specifically for nighttime or extended wear
  • A selection of styles and brands
  • Cloth wipes
  • Fleece liners
  • Extra boosters (Just in case)
  • Bottom balm
  • Bucket
  • Extensive information guide about the nappies in your pack and general cloth nappying.
  • A personalised wash routine for your washing machine, detergent choice, water quality etc.

How does it work?

  • Packs cost between $12-$22 a week
  • Bookings can be made anytime during pregnancy or once baby has arrived
  • You pay a bond and a set hire price for 10 weeks hire. Lay-by and WINZ quotes are available.
  • Generally the pack will arrive 2 weeks before your baby's due date, and then hire starts from babies actual birthdate
  • You will receive 7 days a week support should you need it, to make sure you have success with cloth
  • Upon return of the nappies in acceptable condition your bond is refunded, OR you can use your bond to buy OSFM nappies
  • All customers get a $15-$20 credit on any purchases made after the hire period
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