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Online Education

We have created Online Module versions of our three main workshops for additional online learning opportunities

Virtual Educational Video Courses - Pre-recorded and Live 

Pre-recorded Educational Video Courses

We have multiple professionally recorded and edited video workshops/courses ready to use for a variety of virtual events. 

The workshop is full of inspirational and educational content, but is generic with no area-specific information pertaining to your district/ city. General advice of how to seek the correct information is offered (i.e always refer to your local council’s website to get the latest information). Because of this, we recommend “adding on” either a personalised message to the start of the video, or a 30 minute Zoom follow up to this workshop package. 

Live Zoom - Virtual Education 

Just like an “in-person” workshop, but attendees join via Zoom from their devices, and Kate doesn’t have to travel to a venue. 

To save on the travel expenses that our typical “in-person” workshops carry, Kate can present the same awesome education via a Zoom/ Live streamed workshop to a limited number of attendees.

All three of our workshop topics can be presented in this modified style. The workshop is generally shorter as there are not normally as many questions as there are in an in- person session.

Dependent on attendee numbers, these workshops have a degree of interactivity, and are personable to your council city/district/region.

Want to know more? Contact us!

Contact Kate and her team if you would like more information about our online education opportunities and courses
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