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Western Bay of Plenty - Online "Cloth Nappies & More" Course - Includes a $100 Gift Pack


Leave your kids on a nicer planet, its as easy as "Doing 1 Thing". Take this online course and be inspired, entertained, and educated. Kate will give you lots of laughs and encouragement and may challenge your thinking when it comes to what you need when you become new parents.

The question is... Why do we have a waste issue?  Can we continue to think it is not our problem? Or will you take the challenge and change one small thing to make a difference?

The coolest bit? Not only do you get the most up to date and effective waste minimisation education out there, but you are also sent out a goodie bag full of waste minimisation products worth $100 once you've completed the course so that you can take your brand new knowledge and inspiration and put it into action!

Ticket price: $27, Select how many tickets you'd like (1 x Cloth Nappy Trial pack worth $100 with each ticket!), pay through our secure system, and you'll be emailed the instructions to view right away!

Become part of the solution, and learn about awesome tools such as cloth nappies and much more!

“Kate does not preach she inspires. I learned so much and she made me realize there is no need to be perfect we just need to all do something”

This course is designed for you to complete at your own pace. You can sit down and work your way through the modules all at once, or you can do it bit by bit when you have the energy - it’s your call!

The topics for this course include:

  • Intro/What’s the problem?
  • Landfill 
  • Recycling
  • Waste Water
  • Products: Feeding & Baby Food
  • Products: Cloth Nappies 101
  • Washing Cloth Nappies
  • Products: Extra for experts