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Food Pouches - Endless Possibilities

Food Pouches - Endless Possibilities

Food pouches are one of the coolest products that we have come across. Food pouches are practical and versatile options for anyone who wants to reduce their waste and make sustainable choices in everyday life. they are designed as a reusable alternative to plastic food storage, are typically made from BPA-, PVC-free plastic, and come in a range of sizes to accommodate all your storage needs.

A main use for food pouches is food storage (uh duhh). In particular, food pouches are used in the freezer to replace plastic freezer bags, they won't crack or split when frozen, and you won't have to worry about chemicals leaching into your food. They are also perfect for storing homemade stocks or soups, as they can be gently defrosted in the microwave or on the stovetop. Although food pouches were intended for food storage – they can be used in many different ways!

Heres some alternative ways we use Food Pouches:

Toiletry storage!

We’re on the road a lot and sometimes it’s a bit of a pain to take bulky, hard plastic bottles that take up so much room in our suitcases. Using food pouches to store toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, or body wash for traveling keeps your toiletries from leaking into your bags and will save you a lot of space!

Piping Bags!

Food pouches are known for storing stocks and purees, why not pop some butter cream icing in there and use it as a piping bag! Pretty up your cupcakes for the kids upcoming bake sale fundraiser by simply filling the carrier with your choice of frosting and easily piping it on the top! No mess, no fuss!

Setting Pest traps!

Recently, the Department of Conservation in Canterbury have been using Kai Carriers, food pouches to store their snacks and bait their traps (see what I did there!). The easy squeeze pouches are perfect for them to dollop peanut butter in their traps! 

Whether you're using them for food storage, travel, or setting pest traps, food pouches are durable, easy-to-clean, and endlessly reusable. So don’t hesitate to try them out and see how they can make your daily life simpler and more sustainable!

Check out these awesome brands to get yourself some food pouches today!

Special thanks to Denise from Kai Carrier for the awesome pic's of their food pouches in use with the Dept of Conservation!!

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Leah - December 8, 2023

They are great for the freezer🌻

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