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Testimonials - Kind words from our attendees

Testimonials - Kind words from our attendees

Not only does feedback contribute to the continuation of our waste education programs but it helps people who haven’t attended understand how valuable and even ‘life-changing’ the information is!

We asked past attendees from our Christchurch workshops what they thought and how they’ve changed their waste habits! Here's what Amanda and Jessie had to say:

Do you have a “success story” for waste reduction after attending the course?

“The Kai Carrier food storage bags that were part of the giveaways have been an amazing tool to reduce the use of snaplock bags when tramping (as well as freezing foods). I used to reuse traditional or "compostable" snaplock bags until they were holy, but the Kai Carrier bags are so incredibly tough, protect the food from crushing (I've carried them on multi-day hikes) and seal so well I can't imagine ever using anything else!” – Amanda

“Yes! Attending Kate's Food Lovers and Waste-Ed classes a few years ago really set my lifestyle on a different course. I set myself a few goals which I'm proud to be sticking with. I have not used a single disposable coffee cup in 2021, 2022 and 2023!! My keep cup is one of my favourite possessions. I also carry my metal spoon/knife/fork with me everywhere I go in my backpack. I have switched to using a menstrual cup - no more tampon waste! We haven't bought any bin liners for 2 years, and instead reuse brown paper bags we get from Uber eats. And I try to only buy my clothes second hand now and am much more conscious of the materials I invest in. With the learnings from the course I've also converted my partner into a recycling superstar, and had a lot of success passing on my learnings to family and friends via webinars. The ripple effect of Kate's sessions have been huge.” ­– Jessie

How would you say your waste habits have changed since attending the session?

“Definitely more aware of how much I'm cooking at one time. I used to batch cook like 6 portions of one meal and freeze but then get board of that one meal and order takeaways. Now I only cook enough for 2 dinners or 2 dinners and a lunch so there is less freezing and less longer term wastage ex freezer. Definitely more aware of what types of waste I'm discarding and where it ends up.” – Amanda

“After completing a waste audit on her recommendation I am much more in-tune with my habits and have hugely reduced my household food waste. I am also much more creative and inventive with using up food and items that I would have previously thought were destined for the bin. Making chippies out of potato peel, making soup out of broccoli stalks, mousse from chickpea brine. Saving cardboard boxes and glass jars to give away for free to be reused rather than sent to be recycled.” – Jessie

What were some key takeaways from your session?

“I attended the 'general waste' and the 'food waste' seminars, I hadn't planned on attending two but after going to the first general waste one I needed to go to the food waste one as well! Key takeaways: Don't be fooled by green washing eco products, transition over time to better options. Don't over-purchase fruit and vegetables, why do I need the biggest pumpkin (I don't). Share excess with others, my vege garden self-seeded pumpkin and tomato plants so I passed then onto community members to grow their own kai.” – Amanda

“After attending Kate's sessions I have a much deeper appreciation for the lifecycle of our food and consumables, from the energy that goes into creation and transport through to disposal. The key takeaway was that we only see an item (clothing, produce, containers) for a small part of its life. There was a whole lot of energy and resources that went into the creation and production of the item, transporting it to the store, retail displays etc before it even got into our hands. Then we use it before it is sent onto the next part of its journey which is also resource intensive. There is so much more waste involved in a product than meets the eyes.” – Jessie

Would you recommend our workshops to others?

“100% and I did on social media.” – Amanda

“Absolutely! Waste can be a very overwhelming area to learn about and sometimes it feels like the world is working against us when it comes to changing our behaviour. Kate was able to break down some pretty complex topics and made them very easy to understand, and didn't put on the 'green guilts'. She was really relatable and made change feel achievable.” ­– Jessie


Thanks heaps Amanda and Jessie for your awesome feedback! We really appreciate your time and insights from an attendees perspective! 

If you're interested in attending a Waste Free with Kate workshop Click Here to find one happening near you! 


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