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Taking waste education Online during Alert Levels 3 & 4, and beyond!

Taking waste education Online during Alert Levels 3 & 4, and beyond!

To say the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our way of life would be an understatement. It has affected our health, our social connection, and our economy – and has changed our way of doing just about everything. For Waste Free with Kate, it has meant going digital – to avoid missing out on precious opportunities to educate and inspire Kiwi’s as we love to do.

With public gatherings banned in an effort to eliminate the spread of the virus, we were forced – as many others have – to get creative. Fortunately, we are in a position to continue our work, albeit in a different capacity. 

While our work usually consists almost entirely of interregional travel and public speaking (with the rest of the team offering support both on the road and in the office), March through till June’s Waste Free with Kate workshops were completely virtual. In late June we had our first in person workshop, and they’re really starting back full time this week!

Transitioning from face-to-face public workshops to an online virtual format hasn’t been easy, but we were so grateful to be able to do it. 

In times like this, everyone is carefully evaluating their household budgets and prioritising health and safety. The importance of not wasting food seems to have come to the forefront of people’s minds – not because there isn’t enough to go around, but because we’ve been asked to only shop when absolutely necessary. Hence the importance of waste minimisation education. 

Now may be a good time to transition to cloth nappies to save shopping trips to buy disposables. Perhaps it’s time to practice using a reusable menstrual cup without “leakage freakage” in public. With supermarkets stocks of cleaning product tending to be low, now might be the time to start making your own. Maybe it’s finally time to get a worm farm up and running. There’s so much we can do to reduce our waste and save money. We just have to know where to start.

There’s a tonne of resources at to get the ball rolling, and we’re hoping to be able to deliver more workshops online soon even as we have gone out of restrictions and back to a new “normal”.

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